Just back from South Africa

My head is still buzzing with the sounds and colors that make up the rhythms of this large and multi-faceted country. From the piercing call of the go-away birds in the bush to the lion growls echoing through the dark night and permeating our tents; the joyful dancing and singing of brightly dressed children of the townships; the celebratory songs and snaking line dances of our waiters and waitresses; the Zulu ritual dances at night, illuminated by the fire around which they danced. And not to be forgotten—the huge orange African sun slipping behind the horizon. These sensuous experiences provided the lens through which we viewed a country that offers the opportunity to view wild animals in their natural setting, close to the heart from which all civilization springs. It is the magic that draws one into a study of what makes the pulse of this country beat. It seems almost impossible to fathom that only twenty years ago, South Africa escaped the yoke of apartheid. How fascinating to go to apartheid museums and have conversations with political leaders who played significant roles in bringing democracy to people, regardless of the color of their skins, their gender or their religions. We felt privileged to witness the change. And we felt grateful to be able to contribute to projects in the townships, which continue to foster that change. Thank you, thank you South Africa!         FK