School Trip Planning: How To Choose a Student Travel Company

How To Choose the Best Student Travel Company
School Trip Planning Tips for Teachers

Every successful educational school trip begins with planning. But before you can begin planning, you will have to make the most important decision – choosing a student travel company. Who you choose will impact everything – the cost, the depth of the learning experiences, the quality of the accommodations, the support level, and of course, the food.

There is a lot at stake. A poor choice can turn what should have been an adventure in learning into a fiasco – and while that is memorable, it’s definitely not a good memory.

So what can you do to make sure the the travel company you choose to partner with is a good fit?

Ask questions – but not just any questions – you need to ask the right questions. Here they are, along with our answers:

 5 Questions You Must Ask a Student Travel Company

1. Is the cost of the trip all inclusive? Are there any hidden costs? Are there optional extras? 

The price you get from Educational Travel Service is all inclusive of the trip that you and ETS have planned together. It will reflect exactly what you want included; no hidden costs, no optional extras costs, no membership fees.

2. How flexible is the company I will work with in tailoring my student trip with our interests and needs? 

Flexibility is Educational Travel Service’s trade mark. We are a 25-year old Vermont company, owned primarily by former teachers, which specializes in working closely with you to get the itinerary and the price that you want. Because of exceptional service, teachers say they would choose us over any other company. We work primarily with middle schools, high schools and colleges.

3. What criteria are used in choosing hotels and restaurants?

Whether your trip is in the continental United States, Canada, or abroad, at Educational Travel Service, we use centrally located hotels of 3 and 4 star quality; we select restaurants with local character and offer your students menu choices.

4. What kind of support can I expect from the company I choose? 

Teachers frequently tell Educational Travel Service that the support they receive from Educational Travel Service before, during, and after the trip is “outstanding.”

5. Will our group be spending a lot of time on a bus? 

The goal of Educational Travel Service is to minimize bus travel so that the majority of your time is spent on the ground engaged in local cultural activities. The bus is only for your specific group unless you choose to join with another group.

Want to save a copy of these questions for quick reference?  Click here to download and save a PDF version. And of course, feel free to share it with your fellow teachers.